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Changes Ahead...Are You Ready?

As you approach retirement age, your insurance needs are dramatically different from coverage you’ve had at earlier stages of life. Medicare is quite distinct from the employer-funded plans or private insurance that marked your working years. The magnitude of Medicare information can be daunting and tiny missteps can add up to costly mistakes down the line.

This is why it is important to work with an experienced professional who can help you navigate the way through Medicare’s complicated landscape. Our team at McCormack Consulting Group is here to help. With a commitment to quality customer service and a focus on educating our clients, we can help you find the right coverage.

For further details about the process, read our blog post, "Transition to Medicare."

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Watch Our Video, "Medicare 101"

Designed for people who are turning 65 or new to Medicare, this 30-minute webinar will cover the basics of Medicare:

  • Learn about the different parts of Medicare

  • Evaluate the many coverage options available

  • Get tips on finding the right insurance plan

  • Determine when and how you should apply
    for Medicare

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