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For seniors turning 65, enrolling for Medicare can be complicated and confusing. As certified Medicare experts, we help individuals who are 65+ evaluate their needs and find the Medicare plan that best suits their financial and healthcare requirements.



Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the government and cover all or most of the health costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. These plans allow you to see any doctor, hospital or provider that accepts Medicare. We represent most of the major carriers in the US and can help you understand and evaluate your options.


Part D - Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage is a US government subsidized program. It is available through private insurance carriers that are contracted by Medicare and available as a stand alone plan or included in a Medicare Advantage plan. Part D plans can only be purchased during certain times of year and you must have a Part D drug plan, or other creditable coverage, when you become eligible in order to avoid a late-enrollment penalty.


Part C - Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are a type of Medicare health plan that is offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare. Plans provide all your Part A and B benefits and are paid for by the insurance company and not Medicare. These plans often offer additional benefits and prescription drug coverage. They offer HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service) and SNP (Special Needs) plans. Plans are available based on your location and not all play types are available in all areas. We represent all the major carriers and can help you determine whether an Advantage plan is right for you.


Medicare Part A & B

Medicare is a national health insurance program administered by the Center for Medicare Services and seniors aged 65 and older or certain qualified types of people under 65 are eligible to enroll. Part A covers inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing and hospice care. Part B covers medical services like doctor visits, labs, outpatient procedures and tests, vaccinations and limited chiropractic. Medicare Parts A & B are obtained through the Social Security Administration either online or through your local office.

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