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Schedule Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

This visit is different from your “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit which happens in the first 12 months after you have Medicare. You are eligible for your first annual wellness visit 12 months after that visit.

Similar to your Welcome to Medicare Visit, your Annual Wellness Visit covers many of the same things and at no charge to you.

You will develop a personalized prevention plan based on your current health status and will include a checklist of preventive services and screening that are appropriate for you. Use the checklist and your doctor’s advice to schedule preventive services throughout the year.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan your annual wellness benefit may be covered differently, so it’s important to check with your plan to confirm the coverage details of the visit and any associated costs.

If you have questions about how to find the best Medicare coverage for you, we are here to help. Contact us for no cost, no obligation personalized advice.

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